Window cleaning in Caragh

Window cleaning services provided by DB Window Cleaning Ltd

We have been cleaning windows in Caragh for ten years. We work through the town, cleaning our customers' windows every 8 weeks. Our customers have the windows cleaned every time we are in the area or at least every other time. So we are offering an every 8 or 16 week service.

This saves us time and money and therefore enables us to keep our prices reasonable because administration costs are kept to a minimum. We know how much work we have to do and don't need to be driving all over the country to do individual jobs.

If you would like to have your windows cleaned in Caragh on a regular basis, or at least get a quote, please contact us using the WhatsApp button. The FAQ section on the site will answer any questions that you have.

Don't forget that we also offer the add on service of gutter emptying in Caragh using an industrial hoover or ‘Gutter Vac’ that enables the gutter to be emptied safely without climbing ladders. Also the fact that we are fully insured means that you can have work done at your home without anxiety or stress.

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For further details about the cleaning services we provide, or if you have any questions, please text or call us on the number below, or use our customer enquiry contact form if you prefer email.

Tel: 085 153 3446